My Music comes from far away; Persia. It is a music that is passed on from one generation to the next and that is based on classical Persian music (Radif) and on the traditions of the various Persian ethnic groups (Rituals). It tells the story of the millenary tradition of sounds and poetry that faithfully follow the Persian mystical philosophy (Erfan).

The Texts I choose to tell the esoteric journies found in Persian mystical poetry (Rumi, Hafez, Saadi, Attar) and contemporary popular Persian poetry.

The instruments I use, with their fascinating timbres, reproduce the ancient sounds of Iran. Setar an ancient Persian lute with four strings and Daf drum (used by Kurdish mystics).

The focus of my research is a musical and vocal journey that collects the expressive value of all the different ethnic tribes and peoples who live together in the beautiful and magical ancient land that is Persia. It’s a journey to the origin of music, exploring esoteric and alchemical music, the healers’ experiences while healing through music, as the musicians enter into a state of trance and ecstasy (Zekr, Kurdistan, ZarBusheh, Guati Balucistan, Porkhani Turkaman), It’s a journey that favors improvisation as the perfect interactive musical form between the audience and the musicians.



  • JAN E JAN:

  • YAR:

  • VASL:

  • Lullaby:

  • MARA AHDIST part 2:


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