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Farzaneh Joorabchi, singer and musician, was born in Teheran, Iran and studied classical Persian music with the greatest masters of Persian music. . She has graduated at the Faculty of Architecture in Florence (Italy) where She is based . Her musical training (both vocal and instrumental) is based on both classical Persian (radif) as well as the musical traditions of various ethnic groups in Iran (Kurdistan, Khorassan). Thus she has acquired a style that uses two techniques: in the classical tradition or radif, she uses tahrir, a peculiar style of vibrato, and from the traditional ethnic music the natural timbre of her voice, The texts of the music, as tradition requires, come from mystical Persian poetry. Her instrument is the setar, a Persian lute with four strings, and tuned differently for different compositions. This is accompanied either by the zarb, a goblet-shaped drum of the classic tradition, or the daf, a large tambourine used by the Kurdish mystics. The various combinations of these instruments create a rhythmic yet meditative music. She has performed widely in Europe as a solo artist and has worked with Al Qantara, performing medieval music, and its connection with oriental influences. She formed the group Khyal to explore the Indian and Persian musical tradition. From Caspian to the Mediterranean: This exciting, new collaboration, with Lois Shapiro(expertise and experience in classical Western piano and chamber music repertoire ) begun at Wellesley College in 2006, gives audiences a rare insight into the commonalities between two different cultures--the touchstones that form our common musical heritage, despite the overt dissimilarities in the languages--at the same time that these wonderful artists are exploring a new path together: they enrich their individual styles, drawing inspiration and musical ideas from each other. Farzaneh Joorabchi won 1st place at the 4th “On the Road Festival” di Pelago (Firenze, 1992) and has performed in the following:- “Musica dei Popoli” Firenze ( 1992) Italy - “XXII Festival Cusiano di musica antica” Lago d’Orta (1995)Italy - “Rocca in musica “ Vignola (1995) Italy- “Viator musicae” Bologna (1996)Italy - “Musica per le stelle” Rosigliano marittimo (1996 Rosigliano)Italy - “Vi Tage der Mittelalterlichen Musik festival internazionale” Nevenburg, Germany (1996) “Rassegna Terra per Terra” Pistoia (1997)Italy- “IX Rassegna Musica a Villa Patti” Caltagirone (1997)Italy - “Rassegna Zampogna d’Oro” Erice (1998) - “Emmas World Music Festival” Olbia (1998) - “World Music Institute” New York City, USA (1999) - Work Shop e Concert - Wellesley College Massachusetts, USA (1999) - “Musica in Villa” - Firenze (2001)(2002)(2003)(2004) 44° Carnevale del Pollino Festival Internazionale del Folklore, Castrovillari (CS ) (2002) -“journey in Iran through Art “Esposizione –Seminario-Concerto , Castrovillari (2002) -“Immagini e suoni della terra” (S .Martino)Verona(2002) -“ Teatro Carlo Felice “ (Genova) 2003 -“SunSplash Rototom “ (Udine) 2003 -“Culture del Mondo” (Cuneo) 2003 -“Musica dal vivo ,la rassegna Asiatica Film (cinema capranica Roma )2003 -“Concerto interreligione (parrocchia di S.Marco )Milano 2005 “ Workshop e Concerto -From the Caspian to the Medditerranean ( Wellesley College Massachusetts), USA (2006) Accademia Belle Arti Firenze (2007) Workshop e Concerto (Longy School of Music )( Wellesley college )(Commonwealth school of Boston ) Massachusetts .USA(2007)

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